Review | Quick Release Series for Falcam F22 Action Camera Kit


The Quick Release Series for Falcam F22 Action Camera Kit is a beautifully finished four-piece combination. Finished in gunmetal blue-gray with matte silver threads and buttons, it's a beautiful finish. All parts are made of aluminum alloy, providing the robustness required for action camera accessories.

Set of 4:

  • Double ear quick release base for F22 action camera
  • Quick release plate for F22 action camera
  • Quick release clip for F22 action camera
  • Quick release ball head for F22 & F38 action cameras

This set of 4 is a timely addition to the F22 quick release series and is made for every action camera enthusiast.

1. Binaural quick release base for F22 action camera

There are GoPro feet (ears, or fingers as GoPro calls them) on the bottom and an F22 quick release bracket on top, which is a great starting point for the kit. The feet attach to standard GoPro mounts, leaving the brackets free to attach accessories.

Attachment is done securely along the direction of the arrow while sliding the plate (mount) into the clip (see image). The plate can be attached to any position on the four sides, so please choose according to your preference. To remove the plate, press the silver button and slide the plate off.

2. Quick release plate F22 for action camera

This accessory is a natural partner for the double ear quick release base. The plate slides into the F22 bracket of other F22 Ulanzi accessories and the GoPro attachment fork makes it easy to attach any action camera (or action camera cage/case with feet) to the quick release plate.

The silver threads are beautifully designed and use small clear washers to hold the forks firmly in place. As above, the plate can be inserted from any of the four edges, but can only be slid in one direction (indicated by the arrow on the matching plate). At this time, if you hear a "click" sound, the plate is fixed to the bracket.

3. Quick release clip for F22 action camera

The release clip is designed to slide and clip onto a mounting bracket that attaches to a flat surface. Two mounting brackets (with two 3M adhesive pads) are included so you can choose two mounting positions at once.

This Leasing clip fixes the plate attached to the camera and slides the mount in and out.

I felt this accessory missed out on two easy wins. First, it would have been ideal if the flat side of the mounting bracket (attached with adhesive pads) doubled as the F38 bracket . This will greatly increase versatility and application. However, it would have been ideal to have a flat bracket and a slightly bent bracket that could be attached to a helmet or similar.

4. Quick release ball head for F22 & F38 action cameras

The fourth and final part of the quick release series for the Falcam F22 action camera kit is the most creative element in the collection. It features a matte silver screw thread and uses a washer to secure GoPro style forks. This is the same as the previous method.

The fork is attached to the ball of the mini ball head. Its ball head plate slides into the F22 bracket and clicks into place like all F22 plates. The base (ball head) is longer than other standard F22 plates and there is reason to cover it for a while. However, due to the larger size of the quick release ball head, it can't slide into the waiting bracket as easily as other F22 plates. Therefore, it must be inserted in the direction opposite to the direction of the arrow.

The reason for this less-than-ideal combination is that the quick release ball head can utilize its width to lock into the F38 system. The advantage of this is that the quick-release ball head can be attached to the Falcam F38 Quick-Release Backpack Strap Clip to position the attached camera at any angle, providing a POV recording position. This accessory can also be fixed to any F38 bracket, including the Wrange Zero F38 Travel Tripod .

The ball head can be rotated 90 degrees in conjunction with the backpack strap clip, as well as facing left, right, or straight down. Combined with the F22 quick release clip, the camera can be mounted in any orientation. You can exchange it in any direction you like, whenever you like. Luckily, the ball head is very stiff, so you can easily secure your camera. We hope that the unit's engineering design keeps it rigid, not just because it's new, but because it won't loosen over time.

The $79.99 Falcam F22 Quick Release Series for Action Camera Kit is a highly complementary and helpful quick release solution for avid action camera users. Well made, good looking, well put together and offers creative solutions. You can purchase it here .

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