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The Wrange Go-QuickII 1.4m Telescopic Tripod is a member of the Go-QuickII family. Wrangi is heavily committed to a range of quick release products, from the F38 to the F22 and of course the Go-QuickII.

This tripod configuration is suitable for action cameras and small units weighing less than 0.5KG, and with the right accessories (insert link), you can easily attach your smartphone. The Go-Quick II Tripod Telescoping Tripod has a total weight of 339 grams and a total length that can be shortened to 300mm. The extension pole is made of aluminum and the rest is made of ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common thermoplastic polymer used in many camera accessories.

As the name suggests, the telescoping tripod measures 1470mm (1.47m) from tip to tip, and 1443mm in length when the legs are not extended (selfie stick). The pole alone can be extended to a total length of 1300mm, including the action camera mount at the top. And the pole divided into 7 can be freely extended to the full length. Each segment has a slightly different length, but smoothly interlocks with each adjacent segment.

The top of the extension pole has a quick release mount, designed in the shape of a traditional GoPro mount and comes with mounting screws.

What makes this tripod stand out is its quick-release mechanism. The mount is held to the bracket by magnets, which quickly and easily snaps into place. To secure the mount, simply press the button and rotate the mount. To dismount, there is a small button (locking pin) on the side of the bracket that can be pushed to dismount with a rotating and pulling motion.

The advantage of this system is that the mount is interchangeable with other tripod accessories in the Go-Quick II series. It's limited at the moment, but hopefully more clips, mounts, brackets, and other accessories will become available over time.

The handle of the tripod that can be used for handheld shooting is 240mm in length and 36mm in radius (think of the handle of a tennis racket), which is quite large even if you hold it in your hand. To vlog with this accessory, you'll need to manually tilt the mounted camera to frame your face.

This handle can also be split to form tripod legs. The tripod legs are secured with chamfered red locking rings. Be careful not to pinch the skin of your palm when you put your leg back.

When locked, the handles will not move apart. Once unlocked, a gentle force is applied to the base of the handle to release the click. The legs can be adjusted to any angle between 90 and 30 degrees. Tighten the red locking ring to lock the legs in place.

The tripod legs are made of rubber, so they are safe on any surface and won't scratch delicate indoor surfaces, allowing grip and stability. The leg lengths cannot be changed individually and are connected in sets.

Fully extended tripod legs occupy a distance of 225mm from the center of the pole and 390mm from each other.

The Go-Quick II 1.4m telescoping tripod is the perfect accessory for run & gun bloggers who prefer only shooting with action cameras. With this accessory, you can not only vlog while walking, but also easily and quickly set up as a standalone tripod to capture any scene. In addition, it can be exchanged with other Go-Quick II series, or it can be used independently, so you can use it for your favorite purpose. The Go-QuickII telescoping tripod costs ¥2,999 and is available here .

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