Ulanzi Smartphone Metal Stand 2792

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smartphone rig
Regular price Ұ8,170 JPY
Regular price Sale price Ұ8,170 JPY

Product Features

  • Stable shooting from hand or tripod: You can shoot stable footage by using the handle or by attaching the rig to a tripod.
  • Ideal for Vlogging : Two removable 360° rotating handles make Ulanzi LINO perfect for Vlogging.
  • Cage rig for smartphones: The cage rig is suitable for all smartphones with a length of 13-16.5cm.
  • Easy to carry: Compact size and weight of only 245g make the cage easy to carry.
  • Metal Design: The rugged stainless steel design allows the rig to withstand impacts and has a long service life.

If your phone's microphone connector is not in the middle of the bottom, you may not be able to use the microphone.

    Detailed information

    • Brand: Ulanzi
    • Suitable for smartphones, accessories with cold shoe and universal 1/4″ screw connection.
    • Material: Metal, non-slip rubber
    • Maximum smartphone width: 8.2cm
    • Maximum smartphone length: 13-16.5cm
    • Color: Black, Red
    • Size: 23.5 x 12.7 x 2.0 cm
    • Weight: 245g
    • SKU: 2792
    • Warranty period 1 year