Collection: privacy policy

At Ulanzi, we comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, related laws and regulations, and guidelines, and handle your personal information with the utmost care. This agreement explains how we handle personal information By using our services, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.

(1) Name of business operator handling personal information


(2) Acquiring individual INFORMATION

Our website asks you to provide personal information when you make a purchase or register as a user The following information is collected

・Name, address

・Contact information (email address, phone number)

・Information related to payment at the time of purchase (credit card, etc.)

・Purchased product and order number (only for user registration)

・Cookie information, computer information and connection information

The above information allows you to receive order transactions and after-sales service without problems very important for

*Use of Cookies

Some content on this site uses cookies to improve services and provide services more suitable for customers.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small amounts of information that are downloaded to your computer or device when you visit certain websites The Shopify website uses a variety of cookies, including strictly necessary performance, advertising, social media and content cookies Cookies allow websites to remember your actions and preferences (such as your login and region selection) to improve your browsing experience. This means you don't have to re-enter this information every time you return to the site or move pages. Cookies also provide information about how often the website is used For example, the number of visits

・How to refuse cookies

Cookies can be controlled and managed in various ways Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may adversely affect your user experience and may prevent you from accessing some parts of our website completely.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can choose whether or not to accept cookies through the browser controls in your browser's Tools or Settings menu

(3) Purpose of use

(I) Purpose of use of personal information acquired other than cookies

・Provision of information on products, services, events, etc.

・Shipment of purchased products and gifts at events

・Handling of inquiries, warranty support, user registration, etc.

・Measurement and improvement of advertising effectiveness

・Distribution of behavioral targeting advertisements・Market analysis, marketing


Business negotiations, meetings, and communications regarding recruitment activities and transactions

( Ⅱ) Purpose of using cookies

①When you browse the website, we identify your computer and use it to use the service. Therefore, by storing cookies on your computer, you will not be able to repeatedly enter the same information, making it more convenient for you to access websites on your browser.

②This site uses information collected using cookies to analyze the usage status of the customer's website (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) and improve the performance of the website itself. and may be used to improve and improve the services we provide to our customers.

In addition, the following tools are mainly used for analysis, and information may be provided to tool providers.

(4) Provision of personal information to a third party

We do not transfer your personally identifiable information to third parties for purposes other than sales or transactions. Third parties herein do not include affiliated companies that help us operate our website, conduct our business, or serve our customers. However, non-personally identifiable information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising and other uses. We may also disclose your personal information if necessary to comply with the law Third parties, such as Amazon, may collect website visitor data and display advertisements on sites across the internet

Personal information may be disclosed to the payment company for identity verification, billing destination confirmation, and credit investigation.

(5) Shared use of personal information

In some cases, we provide products and services under a joint brand with other businesses, or provide services outsourced from third parties. We may also make available third-party services and features of your choice on For example, we may allow you to use the points of your chosen credit card company, etc. as a payment method on

(6) How to request disclosure of personal information

The following describes how to request personal information (data stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law) that has the right to be disclosed.

・Contact address

Please contact us from the inquiry of


・Who can make a request

Person or a person entrusted by the person, or a legal representative such as a person with parental authority

・When requesting disclosure

Please prepare a document to confirm that the person making the request is you or your agent.

Documents are as follows

(I) If the person requesting disclosure, etc. is the person himself/herself, one of the following documents A or B

a) Documents A or B of (I) regarding the principal b) Documents A or B of (II) regarding the agent c) Power of attorney from the principal

(II) If the person making the request for disclosure, etc. is an agent, all of the following documents from a) to c)

a) Documents of (I) A or B regarding the person in question

b) Documents of (II) A or B regarding the agent

c) Power of attorney from the principal

(7) Correction and suspension of use of personal information

If you wish to request correction or deletion of personal information, please contact us according to the method of requesting disclosure of personal information in (6).

(8) Revisions

We may change or revise this policy at any time in response to legal changes or business needs. Any such changes will be posted on the website, so please check the latest policy carefully.