Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Video Travel Tripod 3318

Quickly switch between multiple devices, supports 360° panorama pan, -55°~90° tilt
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set: tripod
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Regular price Ұ20,304 JPY
Regular price Ұ29,888 JPY Sale price Ұ20,304 JPY
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Product Features

  • Quick multi-device switching: Built-in ball head with F38 quick release plate
  • Smooth and flexible camera pan/tilt: The F38 video tripod has a fixed attenuation level to provide just the right amount of tension for camera pitch and pan movements. It supports 360° panoramic pan and -55° to 90° tilt, making multi-angle shooting and smooth video shooting easy.
  • Fast Leveling with Bowl Base The leveling bowl design allows you to quickly level the camera in one step, perfectly adapting to various complex terrains.
  • The low center of gravity design makes the load capacity more stable. The tripod has a maximum load of 22 lbs (10 kg).
  • Newly upgraded lock structure design: eccentric tube lock structure, safe lock. It is easy to operate as it can be restored with just one twist.
  • Multi-Height Adjustable: Adjustable height from 17" (440mm) to 61" (1560mm).

Detailed information

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Center pole load capacity: 10 kg
  • Ball head load capacity: 3kg (*The dynamic repulsive force of the gimbal is 1.5kg.)
  • Ball head tilt angle: -55°/90
  • Minimum height: 440mm
  • Maximum height: 1560mm
  • Folded length: 460mm
  • Leg part: 5
  • Leg diameter: Φ25mm
  • Weight: 1.08kg