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Ulanzi MT-16 telescopic tripod with ball head 2052

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Ulanzi MT-16 telescopic tripod with ball head 2052

Ulanzi MT-16 telescopic tripod with ball head 2052

Ұ25 Ұ2,720

Ulanzi MT-16 telescopic tripod with ball head 2052

Ұ25 Ұ2,720
  • 2in1 tripod and selfie stick
  • Lightweight, intuitive and easy to carry
  • Shoot great videos with a comfortable hand grip
  • Includes cold shoe with 1/4 thread attachment.
  • Can be used with DSLR cameras, action cameras and smartphones

Detailed information

  • Weight: 170g
  • Length: 22-44cm
  • Maximum load 1.5kg
  • Material: ABS, Aluminum

The MT-16 is the perfect product for anyone who uses DSLRs, action cameras, and smartphones daily to shoot and vlog. It extends 22cm when folded, making it easy to carry and weighing only 170g.

The MT-16 has two functions. Serving as a stable holder and comfortable ergonomic grip, you can shoot amazing videos, take selfies, and capture images that stand out from the crowd.

There is a 1/4" thread attachment on the top, compatible with most cameras, DSLRs and action smartphones on the market today, ensuring great flexibility and ease of use in any situation. . Equipped with a cold shoe on the side, you can attach devices such as microphones and lights.

question: Is Fujifilmxe4 compatible?
Answer: It's possible, but I'm not sure if the tripod can support the weight of the camera.
question: Is it compatible with GoPro6?
Answer: Of course.
question: When the tripod is opened, does the central axis expand and contract to some extent? I would like to adjust it when placing it in a slightly uneven place. Also, how many centimeters can the smartphone holder hold?
Answer: First, the axis at the center of the open tripod does not extend, so the length remains constant. The central axis of the floor does not extend at the top of the extension (smartphone side). The depth of the smartphone holder is 1cm. iPhone12 Pro Max holds firmly There is a small gap. I think that it is good because there is a protrusion like a nail. (It is 1 cm in the hold part excluding the claw part)