Carbon Fiber Tripod

Ulanzi MT-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod 2255

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Carbon Fiber Tripod

Ulanzi MT-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod 2255


Ulanzi MT-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod 2255

  • 360° Multifunctional Panoramic Metal Ball Head
  • 8-layer carbon fiber telescopic tripod, 3-layer telescopic carbon fiber tripod
  • Play all angles without pressure, 360° panoramic shooting, capture every moment.
  • Camera L-position baffle
  • There is a cold shoe on the side of the ball head, which can magnify the microphone and fill light.
  • External 1/4'' screw hole, can be used with magic arm and external photographic equipment.

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Q: How thick are the legs?
Answer: 3 stages of 16.0mm>13.0mm>10.0mm.
Q: Can the Arca-Swiss head mount a third-party Arca-Swiss plate? When I bought ulanji's quick release plate, there were many cases where other companies' products could not be installed.
Answer: If it is Arca-Swiss standard, it can be fixed.
Question:Can it be used for nikon canon?
Answer: It's a normal pan head, so you can reach anything.
Question: The thinnest leg of both the tripod and center pole has no rotation stop and rotates. Is this a specification? (The second stage has a rotation stopper.)
Answer: It's true that the thinnest pole will rotate, but I haven't noticed anything in particular. . (Either way, it will be locked when used, so there is no problem.)
Question: The size of the female thread on the extension pipe does not match the male thread of the tripod. How do I attach it?
Answer: There are two sizes of screws. Small screws are sold with a type of screw that can be covered.