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Travel tripods have taken the world by storm and everyone needs them Due to a significant increase in demand, non-standard products have become available. Pick up a rock and there's a travel tripod under it, even in carbon fiber everyone is making But we at Wrange are one of the few companies still in the business of making quality products that stand the test of time.

Today, we will be comparing two of the best-selling Zero Y and Zero F38 If you want a sturdy and versatile travel tripod, but don't want to use it, go for it

But for those of you who are more technical, let's go into the details and see which one you prefer.

 Which one is newer?

Again, if you're a normal person, a photographer in this case, someone who doesn't care about details, this one is for you See, new stuff usually comes with some new features, right? In fact it is also in this case The ZERO Y travel tripod is an original design and first appeared And Zero F38 is an updated version with some new tricks on the sleeves (or on the central pillar)." that's the new version So if you want something new and shiny, go for the Zero F38

[Note: A little spoiler for those who want to scroll to the end, the Zero F38 has a new quick release system Please purchase accordingly ]


First of all, photographers are already carrying a lot of weight A low-profile, light travel tripod can really make your day and keep your back a little more on the comfortable side

Speaking of exact dimensions, the maximum working height with the Zero Y center pole is 156.7cm On the other hand, F38 is set slightly higher at 159cm

Remove the center pole and it will be 132.7cm and 134cm respectively

But don't take our word for it Check out these positive reviews from hardcore photographers and bloggers In addition, the carbon fiber tripod provides solid performance even in the harshest conditions.


weight, both are equivalent to 1.1kg

ZERO Y's load capacity is 5kg, but F38's is 6kg, which is higher than that. Important if you choose a heavyweight lens

Ball head and quick release system

Now comes the exciting part Most of the features of both tripods are similar, with the major exceptions being the ball head and quick release (QR) system.


F38 has a new quick release system that allows you to extend the functionality not only to the ball head, but also to the shoulder straps of your backpack. Various accessories are available that can be attached to straps and JOBY's GorillaPod Slide the camera and press the button to lock it If you slide while pressing the button, the rest is easy

It might be interesting, but it's different from the Arca type installed in ZEROY. So, of course, the novel plate needs the corresponding equipment

Keep this in mind and judge

Going Panorama

The ease of panorama shooting also highlights the goodness of Uranzi. Panorama shooting is possible without any trouble just by loosening the ball head. Competitor's best version required the center pole to be lifted for this use case Here it is loosened and shot in 360 degrees  

Speaking of which, I almost forgot to tell you about the level head. In Zeroyon, it exists under an arcatype plate You can't see it when you put on the camera However, we have improved the design and placed it on the side so that it is always visible Well, it may not be a big deal for some people, but the details are important.

So what is the cost?

Before we discuss pricing, let's soften the blow Other manufacturers also have great travel tripods on the market However, the Zero Y and Zero F38 dominate the competition in terms of performance and price. Relatively both of these great tripods are better and cheaper than what they still offer  

But here, relative comparisons aside, these things may not be for everyone

Both Zero Y and F38 are on sale for 50,536 yen

Final Conclusion

Now that you've scrolled this far, there must be something I need to tell you. In terms of quality of build and performance, both tripods are star performers. Lightweight and thin, you won't even know it's there when you put it on your shoulder

So it all comes down to QR plating A novel feature of the F38, it gets the job done, but requires a few additional accessories to fully enjoy the accessibility that comes with it If you've never owned a tripod before, or are frustrated by the lack of practicality of other tripods, try the Zero F38.

From the conclusion, it is "ease of use" and "compatibility" Wlange will continue to innovate and follow this evolutionary path.

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