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Ulanzi U-70 Creative Cold Shoe Ball Head 2104

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ball head

Ulanzi U-70 Creative Cold Shoe Ball Head 2104


Ulanzi U-70 Creative Cold Shoe Ball Head 2104

  • Creative Cold Shoe Ball Head --- Ulanzi patented design, solve the problem of Vlog camera microphone Utility model patent number: ZL202020531997.4
  • Acra Swiss +PD Quick Release Plate --- Acra Swiss+PD Quick Release Plate, works with PD Capture Clip V3.
  • 360° Double Panorama Ball Head --- 360° Pan and Tilt adjustment on the top and bottom of the ball head for faster switching between shots.
  • 20kg max load, withstand any camera ---- all metal CNC machined, 20kg bearing hardcore ball head.
  • 38mm universal diameter compatible with most tripods --- Designed for cameras, the ball head is compatible with most tripods and perfectly compatible with Joby.
  • This product is not compatible with the FALCAM F38 series.

question: How many mm is the bottom of the pan head mounting?
Answer: 37.5mm.
question: What do you use for the red knob on the main body and the opposite knob and hex wrench hole? If I tighten the hex wrench, it doesn't move, and if I loosen it, how much can I turn it and it won't be fixed?
Answer: It has the same shape as the accessory shoe on top of the camera, so you can attach a microphone or LED light. It is a good idea to tighten the hex bolt so that there is a slight amount of resistance so that you can adjust the angle.
question: Can I use the falcam f38 quick release plate?
Answer: I think that it can be used because it is compatible with Arca-Swiss.
question: How do you use the red lever on the left side of the clamp that holds the quick shoe?
Answer: It's a pan axis rotation lock.
question: Can the included plate be attached to the Ulanzi F38 mount?
Answer: I think it is possible if it is the Arca-Swiss standard.